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Dental Poster Art provides art for dental offices, including vintage dental art, cartoon dental posters and limited edition serigraphs that highlight dental history. From historical to contemporary, serious to humorous, we have a wealth of dental collectible prints and artwork just waiting to be shared with your staff, patients, and friends. Quality prints and posters enhance your image, show your sense of humor, and demonstrate a uniqueness that is yours alone.

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Most Prints Available on Canvas.
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Dental Posters
Dental Posters:

Dental Poster AppleMost of the dental prints and posters are derived from original 1800’s and early 1900’s artwork. Though I have done some restoration of the images, they are still subject to the limitations of their original printing techniques. As such, they will display flaws and imperfections which I find to be a part of their appeal. When possible I have given information as to their place and date of origin.

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Limited Edition Prints
Yuval Mahler:

Limited Edition Dental Prints Checkup Born 1951 in Haifa, Israel, Yuval Mahler draws on a rich supply of wry humor, satire, caricature and comedy to produce his insightful studies of human behavior and relationships. The subtle use of strong and sweet colors lends a fine tonal balance to the works which are meticulously executed as fine art serigraphs.

The series At the Dentist is a very limited edition, containing 70 artists' prints and 280 regular edition printings. Offered here at well-below gallery prices.

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Black & White Ads
Black & White Ads

Vintage Black and White Dental Posters Sponges These ads are reproductions from dental journals and popular magazines. They give us a glimpse into our past; reflecting the history of the dental profession. You may find them useful as a conversation piece to educate your patients on the advances of modern dentistry.

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Canvas Dental Prints
Canvas Dental Prints:

Canvas Dental Print Infant's Delight These images are printed on artist stretch cotton/polly, fade resistant canvas. Many of my other posters may be printed on canvas. Contact me with your requests. I have chosen late 1800's Victorian Trade Card art for these prints. Trade cards (slightly smaller than post cards) were among the first forms of color advertising. The ads were generally on the reverse and usually had nothing to do with the image on the front.

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Dental Humor
Dental Humor:

Dental HumorIt might be said that Charlie Podrebarac is Kansas City's Comic Artist in Residence. His talent,however,was too great to stay confined to the Midwest. Charlie's cartoons have appeared in newspapers and magazines around the world. Greeting card companies such as Hallmark have printed many cards that showcase his unique style and everyday sense of humor. His work is on display each September at the one of the nation's most acclaimed exhibits, the Plaza Art Fair in Kansas City.

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